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" I am personally experiencing the effects of rare kidney cancer (HLRCC) and I have seen the effects on others who are also being treated. More research is needed to help so research institutions like NIH/NCI, The Yale Cancer Center & The Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center can continue to help those who suffer from rare kidney cancers. Research and new trials are so important for so many who suffer."  -Andrew Lee

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I am thrilled with the support Driven to Cure, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is receiving. Donations made to Driven to Cure will be going towards those who do rare cancer research like NIH NCI, Yale Cancer Center & Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center where I go for my treatments. Your donation will be going towards research and not the maintenance  of the Driven to Cure GTR. Thanks to our sponsors, our GTR runs well. The Driven to Cure GTR is used to raise awareness and funds for the research of rare kidney cancer. Together, we will find a cure. ​"

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Driven To Cure, Raising Awareness About Rare Kidney Cancers like HLRCC. Since June of 2016, we have raised $400,000 for research.